Friday, August 1, 2014

Cause The Times; sadly not the people; They Are a Changin

I’m going to give you a backwards domino effect of how we can improve as a whole. THESE ARE MY OWN PERSONAL OPINIONS, for all you sensitive folks.

The only way we can advance as a race, the human race, is by being a better society. The only way we can be a better society is by reaching out and helping our fellow man to advance in any way they can. The only way to help someone else advance is by knowing first what you are capable of doing. The only way of knowing what you are capable of doing is by first knowing yourself. The only way of knowing yourself is to face who you really are, and I do mean who you really are, at this stage in your life and doing whatever it is that you can to improve it.

I find that a lot of people are so quick to talk about how this can be better and how that can be better, and yet these same people have quite a few faults that they are just not willing to come to terms with. Now we all have faults, yes, we all have our little annoying habits that we probably all see as just endearing qualities that every human being on earth possesses that will probably get on someone else’s nerves at some point. But there are things about each and every one of us that we know deep down need improving. We know there are some things about ourselves that nobody else knows that we have either been harboring for years or we have been repeating the same mistakes for years or that we are trying to hide and have been successful at doing so for years. And sadly enough the bottom line is it does not matter how long you have gotten way with being that kind of person, with going through your life knowing that you need to change something, this society will not get any further if YOU can’t get any further.

These people that have done the most started out just as normal and regular as you and I. I can only imagine where we would be as a whole if people like Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Junior, Michael Jordan, Barack Obama, the guy who invented the stop light, the person that invented the comb, or the Wright brothers, had all thought that they don’t really have any significant impact to make on this world. You may not be the next great inventor or the next world leader, but then again you have no idea who you are or who you were meant to be if you’re very content with just being who you are right now, with all your little horrible faults and bad habits that you are unwilling to change. I’m not talking about nail-biting or fidgeting in your chair or twirling your hair on your finger. I’m talking about things like procrastination; knowing that you need to be to work on time or trying to be an entrepreneur but never actually getting up and doing what you need to do to get it done, not being productive at all. I’m talking about things like carrying around what happened to you in your childhood or your teenage years or in your early 20s or two weeks ago on the job; having that uncanny ability of never letting things go so that you carry it around with you all the time, and you either the kind of person that stays angry or stays depressed. When we cannot face the very things about us that hold us back because we are afraid, then the entire society doesn’t go anywhere because you are depriving the world of a truly, possibly incredibly gifted, human being.

I know there are a lot of people out there who will not agree with me on this, but it is my belief that Paula Deen benefited a great deal from saying what she said. I’m not saying that it was a good thing what she said, but I am saying that if she had not said what she said she probably would have continued to go on believing that that type of thinking was okay. But because it was exposed and the repercussions also may have affected her children’s careers and not just hers, she realized that this was a part of herself that needed to change. You can sit around all day and say, just like she did, that this bad habit or horrible thing is not who I am. But that’s exactly what I’m trying to say to you today, that is most definitely a part of who you are and that is the part that needs to change. Some of us have had the benefit, if you want to call it that, of having God and the world expose our bad habits so that we have no choice but to change them. And there are some, if not all of us, who have had the luxury to still hide some of the bigger things that hold us back. I understand, believe me I do, that it hurts like, literally, peeling off your own skin. But the more unhealthy layers of your character that you are willing to peel off and get rid of the further you will get in life. And the further you get, the further I get, the further we all get. But I have to say it does not surprise me that we as a country here in America are moving in the wrong direction. I see too many people neglecting to peel away the unwanted parts of their character in favor of drowning themselves in capitalism, commercialism, and greed; all in the forms of fame, fortune, money, status, notoriety, and self-preservation (I’ve got my cares about you). As always (the only things that should stay the same), stay in Faith, stay Blessed and stay Happified.

ta ta for now