Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'll Trash Your Faith and You Trash Mine....point blank

So I guess most of you out there know by now that the Atheists have erected their own monument to a non-belief in GOD recently, right next to a monument of the Ten Commandments. People from both sides; Christian and atheist; even took to standing on the others monument in protest. Standing on them!! At first I asked, "What is this world coming to"? Then I answered myself, "An end." An end to humanity, respect, love and honor. I knew a few atheists when I was in college and we got along swimmingly. Why? Because they did not trash, make fun of, or belittle my belief in Jesus Christ. I did not condemn or damn then to an eternal hell for not believing in HIM. Nowadays it seems like the only way to show how strongly you believe in something is to trash what someone else believes. Examples: movies about a gay Jesus, so-called- Christians protesting the funerals of fallen soldiers, one spiritual faith dogging another faith.
There is no more room apparently for us to live as one.
YES I would love to see more and more people give their lives to Christ because HE is pure love. But I'm not going to ostracize and hate you because you don’t. I accept the fact that we are just different. Will that stop me from worshiping Jesus? NO. Will that stop me from asking someone if they'd like to come to church with me? NO. Because I still want you to know JESUS and I still love you even if you decline to come to church. We are all connected. We are all fingers on ONE hand. If one of the fingers is broken then the hand won’t work right. It’s not our job to say "too bad about the pinky finger but we’re the thumb so it’s not our problem." Or "if you did what we did then you would be better". We are different for a reason. And the less we recognize that, the more we will be divided as a nation and the easier we will fall. I can’t be you and you can’t be me, and there will never be a you without me. So try to stay blessed, stay in faith (whatever yours might be) and stay happified.
ta ta for now,

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Running Blind....hard, but very doable

First let me say that the title is metaphorical and not literal. I encourage no one to actually run or move in any way with your eyes closed. That had to be said cause yall know how some people are.
Now that I got the warning out of the way, let me ask you about walking with GOD. Relax, this is not a sermon just a convo. For those of you who have decided to let Him be the head of your life, did you have certain expectations? Did you believe that things would automatically turn around? Did you believe that the world would step out of your way and you would float on top of it all? I did. And even after several years, I was still thinking like that. It took I don’t know how long to actually figure out my walk with Him. I realized that there would be dark days and sleepless tearful nights with Him. WHAAAT!? Not with "HIM" no way!! Yes way. GOD let us know in His word that we would have trials and tribulations, and those who could endure until the end would see His glory. He wasn’t just talking about The Rapture; He was referring to all areas of life.
EXAMPLE: You have applied for a job with better pay and hours than the one you're at now. It has been three months and you have not heard a word about the position yet. Your bills are falling behind, your boss is useless and the coworkers are getting worse. Then you hear the position has been filled. GOD does not expect you to be happy with the results. He wants to know what you will do. Will you get angry and sad and cry for days and sulk for weeks and drag through the job until one day when..... Or will you get angry and sad and cry for a few days, grab the classifieds and read by candle light because the lights got turned off, eat only an apple and a free lunch at work because you're on a budget, and know that your day of victory is around the corner? Only one of those 2 solutions will get you to the next area of your life. GOD wants you to believe in Him and what He has already done and will do in your life. We won’t always see it, and it may take years (put your eyes back in your head, yes I said years), but the blessing will be worth it. Easy no; worth it YES.
Three years ago I moved from where I lived and took a job in a new city. 5 months later I had my own apartment. A year later I was unemployed, broke, lost my car, lost my apartment, and my little prepaid cell phone. COMPLETELY stripped! Two years later, I have a bigger roof over my head (who cares it’s not my own roof), a car to drive, and the best job I've had in years with money to spare. Did I cry and even cut myself in an attempt to alleviate some of the pain and emptiness? YOU BETCHA. Was it effective? Do I really have to tell you? Well when did my life turn around you ask? While I was hurting. NO not after, during. While I was going through, I just decided to pray for others who had more and less than me. While I was going through I made plans and smiled when I thought about where GOD was going to take me. I could not see my way in the darkness, but I trusted HIM more and more every day to guide me. While I was hurting and trying to trust HIM, HE was working it all out. And the rest know. Don’t get it twisted, I STILL go through some rough times even now. But my walk with GOD has taught me, if I could always know the outcome; there would be no use in faith. So I run on and keep running blindly through life's toughest situations; falling and hitting walls. But I always rejoice when I get on the other side of it. And so will you. Go ahead and cry and hurt, that’s just fine. But keep in mind, your victory is coming, but your GOD is already here. From Sharee to Sheree, stay blessed, stay in faith and stay happified
ta ta for now,