Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'll Trash Your Faith and You Trash Mine....point blank

So I guess most of you out there know by now that the Atheists have erected their own monument to a non-belief in GOD recently, right next to a monument of the Ten Commandments. People from both sides; Christian and atheist; even took to standing on the others monument in protest. Standing on them!! At first I asked, "What is this world coming to"? Then I answered myself, "An end." An end to humanity, respect, love and honor. I knew a few atheists when I was in college and we got along swimmingly. Why? Because they did not trash, make fun of, or belittle my belief in Jesus Christ. I did not condemn or damn then to an eternal hell for not believing in HIM. Nowadays it seems like the only way to show how strongly you believe in something is to trash what someone else believes. Examples: movies about a gay Jesus, so-called- Christians protesting the funerals of fallen soldiers, one spiritual faith dogging another faith.
There is no more room apparently for us to live as one.
YES I would love to see more and more people give their lives to Christ because HE is pure love. But I'm not going to ostracize and hate you because you don’t. I accept the fact that we are just different. Will that stop me from worshiping Jesus? NO. Will that stop me from asking someone if they'd like to come to church with me? NO. Because I still want you to know JESUS and I still love you even if you decline to come to church. We are all connected. We are all fingers on ONE hand. If one of the fingers is broken then the hand won’t work right. It’s not our job to say "too bad about the pinky finger but we’re the thumb so it’s not our problem." Or "if you did what we did then you would be better". We are different for a reason. And the less we recognize that, the more we will be divided as a nation and the easier we will fall. I can’t be you and you can’t be me, and there will never be a you without me. So try to stay blessed, stay in faith (whatever yours might be) and stay happified.
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