Saturday, April 12, 2014

Not All Dreams Are Created Equally..but reach for them anyway

Welcome to the New Year! Nobody say it, I already know I'm tardy to the party with that statement. The truth is I've been a little busy the better part of this year. I have so many things in the works I can’t even list them all here. But have no fear; I did learn not to bite off more than I can chew. I also learned that busy does not necessarily mean productive. So I'm concentrating my efforts on things that really matter to me, not things that just bring in money or things that might make other people's opinion of me actually matter. This is what brings me to my post today. I, like so many out there, used to be a victim of the "Opinion Factor". Everything I did was based solely on what the outcome would make me look like. Would everyone think I was beautiful, would I look successful, will they talk about me if I say or start doing this or that? Then through many trials and tribulations I learned to just do what made me feel not only happy, but alive. That may have taken some years, but it was worth it. But even after I got over that hurdle, I had to jump a bigger one. I had to stop measuring my goals up against others.
Maybe some of us were created to be pioneers in their field or champions of industry. And maybe some of were created to be heroes of the common man. Meaning, some of us are meant to be successful on our own level. We don't have to be surgeons, we can be nurses and EMT's; they save lives as well you know. Some women will go on to be leaders in business; building companies, creating jobs, and driving the work force. Then there are some women who just want to be housewives. If you think there is something wrong with being a housewife, ask the many politicians and athletes and businessmen-whose mothers stayed at home and cooked and cleaned and taught them how to treat women-if they think what their mothers did for them mattered or not. Some of us raise spirits and money and hope. And some of us raise tomorrow's presidents. Don't not ever (that's right I said that) not reach for a goal because the world told you it’s not grand enough. We live in a society that tells us we must have more and bigger. We are told that we all have this large hole in ourselves and only some huge materialistic thing can fill it. LIE!! If your only goal in life is to eat a ham samich (that's right I said that too) and watch a movie when you get off work from the job you hate, whatever. BUT, your heart will let you know if you want something more out of life or not. Ignore the yearning in you if you want, it's your life. I can only give you fair warning, turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the passions and dreams of your soul will lead to a VERY depressing life. That's why you can’t be afraid to reach for every wonderful, crazy beautiful, ridiculous thing that your heart desires. 
So, ok, start with the samich. And listen to the voice that says tomorrow you volunteer at a food bank making samiches for others. Then keep listening when it tells you to get that culinary degree and become head chef at a 5 star restaurant; or start a mom and pop diner; or open your own food truck, who knows. HOWEVER far that voice in your spirit takes you (around the corner, around the world), follow it to the sweet end.  As always my fellow dreamers stay in faith, stay blessed, and stay happified.

ta ta for now,

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