Monday, May 27, 2013

Get Yours and Keep Getting.......a good way to end up with nothing

The last time I talked to you, I mentioned a little about relying on GOD to get you where you need to be; or something like that. But how many people have ever only truly followed GOD, prayed to GOD or thought about asking GOD for anything for the sole purpose of benefiting yourself? (MEEEEE!!) How many people have made a habit of it? (MEEEE!!) Now guess where that got meee, absolutely nowhere. My lovely lovely sisters and brothers (don’t worry, you don’t have to be black to be my sister or my brother) please take advice from someone who has been there and back again. I have been to a place where I had very little to nothing at all, just the kindness of others. And I vividly prayed to GOD to get me out of what I was in. I prayed for Him to turn my life around. I prayed to Him to get me to a point where I came out on top. Did you notice a pattern; "me, I, my"? I'm telling you I stayed right where I was. And in some cases the situation got even worse. I would have my head anointed, meditate, fall out in prayer and read Bible verse after verse. All in the hopes of getting something. To make a long story short, I eventually let it go and prayed for other people.

Some were better off than me and some had less than me, they didn’t even have the kind friend. But I did it anyway. Job in the Bible; pronounced with an "o" sound not an "ah" sound for those that don’t read the good book much; he was a faithful man and lost EVERYTHING. But he eventually prayed for his friends despite all that. I had not lost as much as he had but surely I could encourage someone, if not say a prayer for them sometime. What GOD taught me was this; He knows exactly where we are in our lives. You don’t have a job ("ah" this time), you're getting divorced, you're sick etc.... He knows all of that. And He will turn it all around if you believe He will. You believe that, good, now stop asking GOD to help only you and pray for those that need Him (hint: we all need Him). It does not matter if it’s an abusive family member, a hurting friend, a rich boss, or the people you have never seen who were hit by some tragedy. It’s totally ok as long as you; tricky part; SINCERLEY give of yourself to others. Do I still rely on the kindness of others, yes and thank GOD for them. Do I have nothing, I have more than enough. Where I came from and where I am is truly the work of GOD. I knew He'd get me there, so it wasn’t my job to be scared and worried, it was my job to trust Him and give out the love that I'm getting. Now I’m not fully there yet, but I thank Him that I’m on my way. I know it may hurt but He'll take care of you, so you just keep asking that He take care of others. Remeber to stay blessed, stay in faith and stay happified!

ta ta for now,

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