Monday, May 20, 2013

How To Pray, Worship and Have Faith.....don't judge the title and read on

My introductory post was just to get things started. But this will be considered my first OFFICIAL post. I just know that the title threw some of out there for loop. But as I said, calm down and just keep reading. For all of you out there who are trying to find your way or you already have a relationship with GOD or you stumbled across this blog by accident; whatever; this one is for you. So many out there are; for some reason or another; struggling with the idea of finding yourself and finding out what your purpose is. Maybe you’re tired of where you are presently in your life and you know you need a change, or maybe you want to bring out more of whatever is already on the inside of you. I know some are desperate to find out their purpose because they’re afraid of running out of time. You see in my circle of spirituality, it is a highly regarded belief that these are the last days of man (even though some of us choose to see it as the beginning of GOD’s greatness). But whatever your reason, you all have the same issue, WHERE TO START LOOKING. The answer to that is probably not one you want to hear. But simply put, you start on the inside. To find out what you were meant for, you HAVE to know who you REALLY are, and not be afraid of that person. It takes realizing that you really are the talented artist and not the doctor the family thought you should be; or you really are not the refined and dignified person everybody sees but the lazy slob that curses like a sailor and beats the kids; or you really are a giving and loving Christian, Catholic, Rabbi or whatever who’s addicted to porn and sex toys. But don’t try to come to terms with that “person” all on your own. For that journey you need to turn to GOD. Now you can use whatever form of spirituality is comfortable to you, but I’m a Christian (one that does not like to bite her tongue) so I spread the Word of GOD. God didn’t put us here to go through things by ourselves. So if you don’t have the right people to lean on, lean on HIM first. Never been down on your knees (to pray I mean), never stopped by a church but simply passed by them, not into the “GOD”-thing but want to give it a try, don’t know what the word pray means? That’s ok because GOD does not make Himself far away from you. He’s like the VERY VERY VERY best friend you never had and is waiting to just…I kid you not….talk to you. None of that “thou art thine greatesteth” or “mine heart pleadeth in like thine holiest”. Seriously!? You’re doing all that and GOD is waiting for you to just get to the point. All you gotta have is just a convo.

(ex. “I am so new at this but, hi how are you…or, It’s been a while Lord, but I still praise you. I need to talk…or like me “Good morning and blah blah; So let me tell you about blah blah; THANK YOU for blah blah; I love You, Goodnite).

Be sincere and honest. Ask Him to fix what aint work’n (some of that Georgia came out of me just then), increase your common sense and strength, and take you through this wild ride called life. Then, and this won’t be too fun but it is effective…HOLD ON AND DON’T LET GO. When they find coal, how do they get to the diamond? If you’re the diamond you know exactly how they do it and it don’t feel good. A successful you does not come without change, and change does not come without sacrifice. But if you’d rather stay an ugly lump of coal and never shine like the diamond you are, then complain about how hard change is and quit because what you’re going through is too tough. Sometimes I get to preach’n, but I don’t want the ones that come after me to go through what I went through. And if you’re already there, then I want to lend an encouraging word. Why? Cause it’s nice to know somebody; even if you don’t know them; cares enough to help. I got a mess load of stuff I gotta do, but I will return. So stay blessed, stay in faith and stay happified (that’s a word in my world so don’t question me

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