Tuesday, May 7, 2013

..."Let There Be Light"...., thank GOD cause it was sooooo dark in here

Not really a blog type person. So why so I have a blog, you ask? Uh, cause I can! There is to be no questioning of my motives on my blog. And number two, it's much easier and funner (yes that's a word on my blog) than facebook. I can do a lot more in a blog and show some great pics and rearrange them how I want. Oh the power! Moving on. It's like midnite here, and I'm sleepy. So this first post wont be long at all. I gotta get up in about 7 hours but it takes me around 3 hours just to fall asleep. Why you ask? Have you forgotten my rule about questions already?!! I created this in the hopes that somebody out there will learn something. Obviously that wont be today, but you'll understand soon. My eyes feel like bricks and I'm yawn'n so...

ta ta for now,

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